Ok first off. My hands are sweaty writing this. Mainly for the fact I’ve been watching videos of people jumping off stuff all day. Being from New Hampshire, I’ve always been particularly interested in watching people jump from the 105ft bridge at Livermore Falls. I don’t care who you are, it’s ridiculously high when you’re up there.

As a matter of fact, I’ve jumped off there. Not the bridge, but the 60 ft cliff at Livermore. And even then…. still pretty high for your average joe.

Livermore Falls NH - Date Seat
Youtube – Johnny Bryant

The place is insane.

And I’m not like one of those people who’s terrified of everything, but guess what pal? You don’t clear the rocks, you’re dead. Not kidding.


You gotta jump like 5-10 feet out from the cliff to hit the water in the middle – literally makes you wanna throw up doing it.

Taking on the bridge itself is a whole ‘nother monster. Just to get out to the bottom part (70-80ft) you have to climb these cables from one side to another to center yourself over the water.

Livermore Falls NH - Date Seat

To jump from the top, you’re lookin’ at about a buck ten, maybe a little less. Regardless, it’s 100+ feet – and the dudes in the videos below absolutely kill it.

Livermore Falls NH - Date Seat

I’d honestly rather get punched square in the face from Mike Tyson than even consider doing something like this. It’s definitely for some people, but not for me. Call me whatever you want, but I’m not going out like that.

There’s been like 14 people or something that have died there, and I’m pleased to announce I won’t be adding to the list!

Anyhow, I found this pic of the bridge from the 1900s and thought that was pretty cool too, I guess.


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